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A Guide to Living With von Willebrand Disease

Renée Paper, R.N., with Laureen A. Kelley,
2012, Third Edition
LA Kelley Communications, Inc.
Free to families and patients

The world's first book on the world's most commonly inherited bleeding disorder. Topics include learning to cope with VWD, inheritance, the medical system, treatment, women's issues, health insurance. Complete resource guide and real-life stories.

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100 Questions & Answers About von Willebrand Disease

100 Questions & Answers about von Willebrand Disease

Andra H. James, MD, 2008
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Addresses questions relevant to people recently diagnosed with VWD. Up-to-date, authoritative, practical, easy-to-understand information about diagnosis and treatment.

Patient's Guide to Understanding VWD

Patient's Guide to Understanding vWD

CSL Behring

Discusses VWD symptoms and diagnosis; offers general information on treatment options.

What you should know about von Willebrand disease (VWD)

CSL Behring von Willebrand disease brochure

CSL Behring

A patient's guide to awareness, diagnosis, and treatment.

Girls' Club Journal

CSL Girls' Club Journal

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