World's First Book on Inhibitors

Managing Your Child's Inhibitor

Inhibitors are a major complication of hemophilia. And a scary thing to go through alone.

Until now, there has been no guidebook to help parents, patients and families cope with this complication. Families have been dependent on the information their hemophilia treatment centers can give them. Learning from other inhibitor families has also been difficult, as there are limited ways for families with inhibitors to connect.

But now, for the first time ever, a new book addresses the medical aspects of inhibitors, the treatment choices, and the impact it has on families. Managing Your Child's Inhibitor compiles research, treatment information, and the stories of 40 patients and families to help you know better what to expect when you child is diagnosed. While written for parents, this book will also be a huge help to medical staff who treat patients with inhibitors.

Written by Laureen A. Kelley with Paul Clement, each of whom have a child with hemophilia, this 300+ page book provides everything you need to know about tackling inhibitors, from risk factors for developing inhibitors, to pain management, to product choices, to ITI and to every day living. No other resource contains as much information as Managing Your Child's Inhibitor.

And best of all, you'll read the actual stories and advice from real parents and patients who have successfully managed their lives with inhibitors.

"Laurie Kelley has outstanding insight into the challenges of parents of children with hemophilia. In this book, she and colleague Paul Clement focus on the dreaded complication of an inhibitor. They explain the nature of inhibitors and their management in terms that the non-scientist can understand, including cutting-edge treatments that may be available but are not yet licensed. It's a delight to have another, very useful addition to LA Kelley Communications' many lay-language books on bleeding disorders."

Carol K. Kasper MD,
Emerita Professor of Medicine
University of Southern California
Orthopaedic Hospital
Los Angeles, California

This book covers extensively from the parents' and patients' point of view, topics such as pain management, surgery, family life and treatment. $18.95 plus shipping and handling. Managing Your Child's Inhibitor was funded by an unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk.

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