December 2003 - Volume 13 Issue 4

How Do Children on Prophylaxis Understand Hemophilia?

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: Living with Prophylaxis: One Mother's View
  • Insights: Online Support Groups: Are They Worthwhile?
  • A Project SHARE Story: Life Beyond Price
  • Scholarships for People with Bleeding Disorders

August 2003 - Volume 13 Issue 3

Crossroads for Gene Therapy

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: It's Time for a Cure: Broadening the Focus
  • Insights: Striving for Increased Safety
  • A Project SHARE Story: A Birthday to Treasure
  • Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship Winners 2003
  • Tips for Parents: Amicar® Popsicles

May 2003 - Volume 13 Issue 2

Another Option for Venous Access in Children with Hemophilia: The Arterio-Venous Fistula

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: Improving Quality of Life Through Advancements in Care
  • Insights: Virus Detection Technology Comes of Age
  • One Step at a Time: A Project SHARE Story
  • It's Not Like Hemophilia Camp: Creating Partnerships with Schools

February 2003 - Volume 13 Issue 1

Two Organizations, Two Visions: How the NHF and HFA Meet the Needs of the American Hemophilia Community

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: The Role of Industry
  • Insights: End to an Era of Giveaways?
  • Sharing Hope: Project SHARESM extends a hand globally