Project SHARE Donate Factor

To donate factor, ship to:

Project SHARE
37-39 West Main St. #8
Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 USA

fax 01.978.352.6254

Please read before making a donation:

Project SHARE accepts donations of unwanted, in-date factor from all reputable sources, including specialty pharmacies, home care companies, US individuals, HTCs, hemophilia nonprofit organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. For donations from individual patients, a valid medical reason must exist.

For example:

  • You have changed factor brands.
  • You have developed an inhibitor or for some other medical reason no longer respond to your current product.
  • You have factor that cannot be used before it expires.

Our goal is to recover excess or unwanted factor that would otherwise be destroyed. We accept any number of vials, in any assay size, within days of expiration.

Please call before shipping. We do not accept expired factor. Ice is not necessary. An acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of the shipment. Factor donations are not tax-deductible.