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Movies & Videos

Let’s Talk Mental Health
Believe Ltd. 2020

Film destigmatizes conversations on mental health and rare disease; five members of the US bleeding disorder community open their hearts and lives to show how we can gain strength through struggle, and that perhaps we aren’t so different after all. Intended to spark conversation, increase awareness, decrease stigma. Website provides easy-to-use links, resources, and tools for connection, screening, receiving support. Produced in partnership with Mental Health Matters Too. Supported by Sanofi Genzyme.

Bombardier Blood 
iTunes, Amazon Prime

Documentary on the extraordinary story of mountaineer Chris Bombardier, who has hemophilia B, and his quest to conquer the Seven Summits. Explores Chris’s motivation for undertaking death-defying climbs, and follows his journey to Nepal to summit Mt. Everest to raise awareness of the disparity in hemophilia care in developing countries.

Challenge Accepted 


Web series dedicated to challenging ideas about living with a bleeding disorder, including overcoming barriers and misperceptions, and avoiding excuses for not accomplishing dreams. Hosted by Justin Willman.

Stop the Bleeding!
Believe Digital • YouTube

Award-winning comedic web series about a dysfunctional nonprofit organization serving the bleeding disorder community.


Pfizer Inc.
iPhone users: download on App Store
Android users: download on Google

Helps patients keep track of bleeds and infusions; log infusions quickly; record bleeds precisely; generate reports to share with the treatment team; monitor factor supply.


Pfizer Inc.

Virtual world designed for people with hemophilia, ages 8–16. Slay the Ender Dragon; craft components of an infusion kit; monitor the “factor bar” to prepare for adventure; share game strategy with friends and family to explain what it’s like to manage hemophilia.

HemoAction Online Game
World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH)
English, Spanish, French

Adventure game teaches children about hemophilia: how to prevent bleeds and manage hemophilia; the clotting process, types of bleeds, factor infusions, suitable physical activities.