Refer a Friend, Get $10!

Well, the world didn’t end on Saturday so it’s back to business tomorrow. And this week we have a special campaign: to try to increase the number of people who read our newsletter PEN. I mean, there are about 17,000 people in the US who have hemophilia. Where are they? We want you to help us find them.

We are offering $10 for each new person with hemophilia or VWD that you refer to our mailing list for PEN. It’s good for them —they get to read about their disorder, new books and services we offer, and get updates on insurance. It’s good for you—you get $10 for each person who signs up. Use your FB page, email, Twitter account… and tell them to tell me YOU sent them. That way we can cut you a check.

It starts tomorrow…Monday, May 23, 7:00 am EST through Friday, May 27, 11:59 pm EST. Five days only! There is no limit to the number of friends you refer, but they must share their diagnosis and your name. And whoever refers the most number of friends will receive a copy of the movie Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale!

What are the rules? Easy:

1. You must already be on our mailing list.
2. Your friend must have hemophilia or VWD, or have a family member under age 18 living in the household who has hemophilia or VWD.
3. Your friend must be new to our mailing list.
4. Your friend must be a US citizen.

I think that’s it; let’s see what kind of numbers we get by end of week. To refer friends, send them to our homepage, click on the sad-faced dog at the top (waiting for a friend) and your friend can fill out a form. Any questions? Call us at 978-352-7657. Thanks to all our faithful subscribers! This is a way to thank you and help others are the same time.

Great Book I Just Read
Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry

Charles Manson has become a cultural reference for any violent, cultish guru with inexplicable powers over people, but what really happened that night in 1969 in Los Angeles? “The Sharon Tate Murders” has a complicated history, expertly laid out by chief prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in this book. Slowly, deftly he reveals what happened the night the beautiful and pregnant actress and wife of movie producer Roman Polanski was murdered, along with several other people. Nearby, two more murders of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. On their refrigerator, inscribed in their blood were the misspelled words, “Healter Skelter.” There appeared to be no motive.

The burden falls on Bugliosi to prove that Manson commanded the murders. He reveals the incredible apathy and bungling of the LAPD; the incompetence of the autopsy doctor; the brilliance of Manson and his followers–most of whom were just young adults. Step by step, lead by lead, test by test, interview by interview, he pieces together his day in court with the “Family.” The book leads you along smoothly, and is a page turner. It goes into great detail about how the case is presented in court, how the judge reacts, how Manson reacts and the counter moves by the defense. In the process, Bugliosi rips the lid off of Manson’s wild beliefs and apocalyptic plans: a wholesale destruction of society and the rise of white people to have dominion over other races.

This was one of the most famous trials of the century, told here by the most important person involved in the case, who successfully put a mass murderer, cultist, and anarchist away for life. Fascinating, frightening and powerful. Four stars.

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