New Episodes of the Infusion Squad Take Kids with Hemophilia B on a Mission into the Bloodstream

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Two new episodes of the Infusion Squad are now available from Sanofi to take kids with Hemophilia B on an audio adventure through the bloodstream.

Anyone who deals with children knows that getting them to sit still for more than a few minutes can be mission impossible. This can be especially challenging for children with hemophilia B who may receive regular infusions of Factor IX therapy that helps them manage their hemophilia. 

For entertainment and education during the infusion process for children and their caregivers, Sanofi launched the audio adventure series, Infusion Squad, available as an Amazon Alexa voice skill for patients in the U.S. The now ten-episode series is designed for children aged 12 and younger but is fun for any age.

Part educational and part entertaining, each episode takes a team of “Infusionauts” and the children on a mission into the bloodstream. Along the way, children learn more about infusion and the role that factor IX plays in hemophilia B. 

The series was created based on patient research and focus groups that found it can be challenging for children to stay still during the infusion process. They also expressed the need for educational materials to help families learn about hemophilia B and infusing. 

Available in English, the Infusion Squad skill can be enabled on the Alexa app, Alexa Skills store, or on any Alexa-enabled device. Just ask Alexa to “enable Infusion Squad” and you’ll be dropped right into numerous episodes of hands-free adventure.

To learn more about the Infusion Squad or a treatment option for Hemophilia B, visit https://bit.ly/30mc6fE . You can also contact your local Sanofi Community Relations and Education Manager here.

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