Project SHARE

Project SHARE FAQs

How does Project SHARE get medicine?

Project SHARE receives donated factor concentrate from individuals, hospitals, hemophilia treatment centers, private pharmacies, and manufacturers.

Why don’t families just return their unwanted or unused factor to the manufacturer for a refund or a replacement?

Factor is a prescription drug. Manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies cannot legally accept factor returned by patients.

Does Project SHARE accept expired factor or factor that is close to expiring?

Project SHARE does not accept expired factor, but we can always find an immediate recipient for donated factor that is within months, or even days, of expiring. Contact us as soon as possible regarding product that is close to expiring.

Does Project SHARE also collect ancillary supplies?

Not at this time. We recommend that if you have extra needles, syringes and other medical supplies, to find a local animal shelter or veterinarians that can use these items.

Is Project SHARE a registered nonprofit?

No. Project SHARE is a humanitarian program operated by LA Kelley Communications.

How do I donate excess factor to Project SHARE?

Carefully package the factor in a box and ship to Project SHARE. Ice is not necessary.

Please review our shipping instructions .

Project SHARE
c/o LA Kelley Communications, Inc.
37-39 West Main St. #8
Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 USA
978.352.7657 Fax 978.352.6254

How do I request factor?

Fill out our Factor Donation Request Form.

How can I help?

Tell your hospital or specialty pharmacy about Project SHARE. Donate funds to help defray shipping costs. Contact Project SHARE’s director for more information.