Adidas Hematoma

The “Hematoma”

And now for something very light but worthy of a good head-scratch: Adidas is advertising a mountain bike shoe called the “Hematoma.” It’s not black and blue, but black and white.

I mean, is this good marketing? Would someone buy a biking shoe basically called “The Bruise”? Are people going to know what a hematoma is? I ran a google image on “The Hematoma” and got some pretty gruesome images. Apparently dogs get a lot of hematomas in their ears. Other running/biking shoe names by Adidas include “The Blockbuster,” “Hammer,” “Cyclone” and “Marathon.” I kind of get those, but Hematoma? Does it give you hematomas? Protect you from them?

My colleague and contributor to PEN Richard Atwood first brought this to my attention. He tells me the Hematoma comes with the price tag of $129.99. Ouch. “At that price,” Richard suggests, “your wallet will be severely bruised.”

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