Walk the [Blood] Line 2

Kenyan youths
Yes, I’ve been away the last four days on a well
deserved holiday in Asheville, North Carolina, so I am taking a “Blog Break”—
I already ran this blog in June but it’s so worth doing again. Why? Because
the event is still active, and my proudest achievement, Save One Life, stands
to benefit. And you can help!
If you want an easy and fast way to help kids
with hemophilia, especially those suffering in poverty overseas, here’s how…
Visiting Victor, the Dominican Republic
Bayer is
sponsoring “Virtual Walks” throughout the year, from the comfort of
your own home, and Save One Life, which now sponsors over 1,000 children and young adults, will
Bayer’s Virtual Walk is offering sponsorship funds to the National
Hemophilia Foundation* (NHF), its local participating chapters, and to Save One Life (www.saveonelife.net). This
year, the top 5 participating local NHF chapters with the most virtual
walkers will receive sponsorship funds, as follows:
With Kofi, Ghana
1st place – $15,000, 2nd place
– $10,000, 3rd place – $5,000,
4th place – $2,500, 5th place –
Bayer will also award up to $30,000 to the National Office of the NHF in
New York City, and up to $7,000 to Save One Life.
Hemophilia, Untreated
Joining the Virtual Walk for Hemophilia is as
Participants simply need to:
• Create a
virtual character & choose a message. 

• Select the
chapter you are walking for.
If your local chapter is not one of the participating chapters in this
year’s Virtual Walk, you can still be involved! Just choose to walk for NHF.
You can then share your virtual walker on Facebook and invite everyone you
Help now!
Another exciting feature we have added this year
is that on the day of a chapter’s physical walk, any virtual walker created
will count as double!
 This is a great opportunity for a chapter’s
virtual walk ranking to benefit from bringing their community together.
So, take a walk! And help a child in an impoverished country in need. Really.
Edi, Romania

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