July 7, 2019

A departure from the topic of hemophilia, we are proud to promote…

This week we are taking a pause on the topic of bleeding disorders to share with you a very exciting project one of our team members has created!

Our editor of over 20 years, Sara Evangelos, has co-authored a young adult book titled Somewhere Besides Denver. We are so excited for Sara and this new book. Please read the synopsis below and check it out for yourself by visiting https://somewherebesidesdenver.com/

Denver, 1907: Three spirited teenage girls leave their homes on the prairie for a yearlong European Grand Tour. Violet and Marion, members of Denver’s social elite, yearn for more than society parties and safe marriages. Helen, a rancher’s daughter whose mother has abandoned the family, resents being an outsider. All three girls long to stretch the limits of what’s “suitable” for young women.

In Paris, the teens escape their chaperone and explore the city’s seamy side. Marion falls hopelessly in love with her drawing tutor, who has a history of breaking pupils’ hearts. Violet meets a chic clothing designer who encourages her to follow a career in fashion—and to ditch the corsets. In London, during the 1908 Olympics, Helen conducts a secret bicycle search for her long-lost mother, and the girls join the growing suffrage movement, barely escaping a melee at a women’s rights demonstration.

During their travels, the teens ride the Twentieth Century train and sail on the Lusitania. They meet a radical suffragette, two nosy gossips, a ground-breaking African artist, a fascinating photographer, and some fancy-dressed dogs in jeweled outfits. By the time they sail home to America, Marion, Violet, and Helen have found the confidence they need, at a time when women craved freedom—but men held the power. They decide to rebel against society’s rules, and to follow their own paths as women of the new century.

Visit https://somewherebesidesdenver.com/ for more information!

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