About Us

LA Kelley Communications was founded in 1990 with the belief that any individual facing hardship, adversity or challenges–when given the right tools–can overcome, triumph, and even grow stronger in character and confidence.

Bleeding disorders can present such challenges. The birth of a child with a blood disorder like hemophilia compels parents to communicate with medical experts, visit hospitals, administer treatment, negotiate insurance, diagnose bleeds, and assess physical risks. Parents feel overwhelmed at first because they lack the educational tools needed to negotiate this new territory. Where will they find them?

LA Kelley Communications creates and provides these tools. Our groundbreaking books speak to you, parent to parent, patient to patient, with the single goal of helping you master living with a bleeding disorder. Our publications are clear and strategic, encouraging you to be proactive in your child’s or your own healthcare. We offer comprehensive books for parents, patients and leaders, insightful articles for consumers, the world’s first books on von Willebrand disease, inhibitors and bleeding disorders for children, and engaging presentations.

You need not suffer from ignorance, fear or indecision. When you have the right information readily available, with help a phone call away, you can confidently master your or your child’s bleeding disorder, just as thousands of others have done with help from our company.