March 14, 2021

Hemophilia Myth #2: Cuts

Myths evolved in history when people lacked scientific information to explain natural phenomenon. During March, Hemophilia Awareness Month, we’re looking at hemophilia myths!

Last week, Myth #1: The Royal Disease. Here’s Myth #2. A small cut will cause blood to rush out, and the child will bleed to death.

Truth: People with hemophilia do not bleed faster than anyone else. But they will bleed longer because their blood doesn’t clot properly. Still, not every cut will continue to bleed just because a person has hemophilia. Some cuts, especially small ones, stop bleeding on their own.

Do you know the three steps in coagulation? 1) Vasconstriction 2) Platelet plug 3) Fibrin net.

Blood vessel injury, vasoconstriction, plateletplug, fibrin net
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