August 8, 2021

Coming Attractions!

This coming week I am going to attend my first hemophilia-related in-person event since March 2020!

The Coalition for Hemophilia B (headed by my dear and wonderful colleague and friend Kim Phelan) is honoring my other dear and wonderful colleague and friend Debbie de la Riva. I had to go and cheer for Debbie. I’ve known her forever it seems, and she is warm, insightful, witty and up for anything! We have so many great memories together. Now she gets honored for all she has contributed to this community, especially for her amazing program Mental Health Matters.

It got me thinking that there are a lot of bleeding disorder events coming up; some are even in-person. Here’s a few to consider:

NHF’s 73rd Bleeding Disorders Conference (Virtual) August 26-28.

State of the Science Research Summit (Virtual)

Hosted by National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF). September 12-15.

Hemophilia Federation of America Symposium (Virtual)

October 18-28. Sessions on the latest information on medicine and technology, mental health care, Spanish resources, access to financial resources, barriers to care, and more.

World Federation of Hemophilia Congress 2022 (Montreal and Virtual)

May 8-11.

For more events, simply Google “hemophilia and events” or “bleeding disorders and events.”

But beware: if you plan to attend in person, you should be vaccinated. The Delta variant is posing a significant threat to those not vaccinated. Be smart and take this precaution. Be mindful of others.

I am vaccinated and have been super careful when I go out still. But two weeks ago attended my first in-person concert, and came home with a terrible case of bronchitis, that lasted over two weeks. Miserable way to spend your summer. Even though I am vaccinated, I am still going to be very careful when mingling. Please do the same! Thanks!

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