February 23, 2022

Go Away!

Spring is coming, and it feels like it, as more and more, the country is opening up. It’s wonderful to see that some of our community events are back in person! Read below to see which ones you might attend. Remember, we are not yet through the pandemic. Please be sure you are vaccinated, and be careful. I’m going to wait a bit more before attending, but remember, you can always attend virtually. Check it out!

Factor IX Families Welcome!

Register for the Coalition for Hemophilia B’s annual meeting in Orlando! May 19-22; travel grants available! Attend also virtually. Register here.

NHF’s 74th Annual Meeting

NHF is thrilled to announce that its 74th Annual Bleeding Disorders Conference (BDC) will take place from August 25 to 27, 2022, in Houston, Texas. After two years of uncertainty, NHF is excited to gather our community in person! You can also attend virtually. Read more here.

Saddle Up!

Texas is the place to be this year! HFA will hold its annual meeting in person in San Antonio, the first time since 2019. Register here!

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