July 23, 2023

CSL Behring launches B SUPPORT, an app designed for the hemophilia B community

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CSL Behring is excited to announce the launch of the B SUPPORT app, a digital solution designed to support patients’ experience with hemophilia B. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores in the U.S.

The B SUPPORT app will allow those with hemophilia B to track their treatment progress as well as learn about gene therapy for hemophilia B. Through the app, users can track bleeds, factor IX activity, and how they are feeling to better track their current treatment over time. Having this information easily available and accessible on a phone or tablet will allow those with hemophilia B to have robust conversations with their healthcare provider about whether they are meeting their treatment goals and if needed, other therapeutic options. The app also features valuable resources, and tools to help a person with managing their hemophilia B.

For those interested in gene therapy for hemophilia B, the B SUPPORT app includes a feature that guides them through every step of the journey — from education on gene therapy and eligibility to checklists and reminders post treatment. The app even celebrates “infusion day” for those receiving treatment!

CSL Behring has been at the forefront of innovation for bleeding disorders for 35+ years. We understand that managing a rare disease such as hemophilia B can be challenging, which is why we are committed to helping the community get the support they need with resources such as the B SUPPORT app.

Download the app today!

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