Time to Rethink RICE? Part1

by Paul Clement If you’ve ever sprained or strained an ankle or knee, or suffered from a muscle or joint bleed, you’ve probably heard that a couple of days of rest, ice, compression and elevation—RICE—is the surest route to recovery. But this simple at-home treatment has increasingly been called into question, especially the “rest” and

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3 Ways to Get Motivated and Protect Joint Health

Sponsored content by Sanofi As we move into the summer season, now is the perfect time to go outside, grab some fresh air, and get moving! Maintaining healthy joints is important for everyone, especially people living with hemophilia. Nearly 80% of bleeds in hemophilia occur in the joints, and prioritizing joint health can help lead

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Remembering Fathers in Hemophilia: Samuel Appleton

A tribute on Father’s Day to the first known father of a son with hemophilia in the Americas by Richard Atwood I search for intriguing stories about people with bleeding disorders. By discovering those stories, including historical ones, I always learn something valuable. Often, I find inspiration in the stories of other family members, as

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A Circle Complete

Big changes happening this week: after 20 years, we have officially closed our office. Not our business… just the physical office as we downsize. Like all my subcontractors, I’ll be working from my home. And why not? My kids are gone, I have the space, and it will save money. I opened my first office

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Coming Changes: Kogenate® FS Discontinued

It was bound to happen sooner or later: in a community flush with hemophilia A therapies, one of them would have to give. This past week Bayer announced that it would discontinue production of Kogenate® FS (Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant), which has been in use since 1993. I’m nostalgic about it leaving; when it appeared, my

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