National Youth Leadership Institute

Leadership… Start When They are Young!

I was invited last week to attend the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Youth Leadership Graduation. This was a Zoom event, and it was so nice to see Dawn Rotellini, Brendan Hayes from NHF, and all the beautiful young people who have completed the program.

Have you heard of it?  The NHF website states: NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) provides young people (18-24 years old) in the bleeding disorders community with leadership opportunities to encourage personal growth, effect change, and positively influence others. The National Youth Leadership Institute is a two-year program designed to assist young people from the bleeding disorders community in becoming well-trained, recognized leaders. 

Each graduate gave a statement about what the program meant to them, and what they accomplished through it. It’s pretty amazing to hear these young people speak about how they gave back to their community, mentored others, traveled to attend events, and most impressively, advocated at the state level about healthcare costs and employment concerns.

To meet this year’s Youth Leaders, go here.

If you are interested or know someone who could benefit from this program, encourage them to apply.

I’ve been studying leadership for decades, and even wrote a book about it, for those in developing countries. If you are a leader in the making, you might like to read it too, because leadership transcends age and borders. Leaders are not born, but are made, forged even. And leaders are readers! Order here.

Congratulations to all the NYLI graduates!

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