Are you a Hemophilia Leader?​

What could be more painful than watching your child suffer from untreated bleeds? What could be harder than trying to make your voice heard in government on behalf of a rare and expensive blood disorder? What could be more challenging than trying to change the healthcare system in countries preoccupied with epidemics, poor infrastructure or economic hardship? What can overcome these roadblocks to improved hemophilia care?

Leadership. Without leadership, hemophilia patients and families have little hope for permanent change. Without leadership, no one responds to the cries for help. Without leadership, every person acts alone—and everyone loses eventually.

Effective leadership makes the difference between passively accepting an uncertain future and achieving reliable, consistent and safe hemophilia treatment and economic security. Leadership is an art that can be learned. LA Kelley Communications not only encourages people with hemophilia to become leaders, it can show them how to do it. Through our books and programs, you can learn how to:

  • Develop a vision for your community
  • Form a board of directors
  • Create a medical advisory committee
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Set goals and objectives
    • Procure medicine
    • Hold a children’s camp
    • Work with government
    • Develop a strategy


No matter who you are—male or female, patient or physician, rich or poor—you can become a Hemophilia Leader and produce lasting change.


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