Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys and In-Person Advisory Boards

Would you like to participate in one of our many paid on-line surveys, phone interviews, or in-person advisory boards? Qualified participants can earn up to $300 per hour for web-based or phone surveys and up to $1,200 for in-person advisory boards!

LA Kelley Communications has an extensive database of families with bleeding disorders, created over 30 years. We’ve been conducting market research since 1998, and are a trusted name in the patient community. Pharmaceutical companies hire us to locate qualified participants to offer insights into living with a bleeding disorder. Sometimes we work with third party market researchers also hired by pharma.

We protect your privacy by screening potential participants, and by offering the honoraria. We never share information without your permission.

Please let us know you’d like to be considered for a future survey by emailing us at We’d be happy to contact you when the opportunity arises.