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Pfizer Releases Exciting New Features for HemMobile App

I always say that with a background in statistics and economics, I love collecting data. I have a spread sheet of all my workouts going back years, tracking how many miles run, weights lifted and more. I keep a spreadsheet of all the books I’ve read for the past 10 years! And I don’t even need to do this stuff. 
One thing you should do if you have hemophilia is track your bleeds. Check out Pfizer’s app for tracking all things hemophilia.—Laurie
Hemophilia can be difficult, but
tracking it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to the Pfizer Hemophilia Team, HemMobile
now provides activity tracking and is integrated with the new HealthTM
app for iOS 8 and Google Fit™ for AndroidTM. This will allow you to seamlessly
transfer data from wearable devices and other fitness apps right into
HemMobile. With the ability to track activity along with your infusions, you
can have access to important information you need to have more informed
discussions with your physician. This is particularly important for the
hemophilia community, because maintaining an active lifestyle can help to
strengthen joints and protect against bleeds.
The updates to the app are a result of
partnering closely with not only expert developers and physicians, but also
members of the community who use the HemMobile app every day.
With the latest version of HemMobile you can:
Log activities, infusions
and bleeds
Share single consolidated
reports with your treatment team
Set reminders for resupply,
appointments and much more
Find nearby hemophilia
treatment centers and National Hemophilia Foundation chapters
Personalize your profile
Learn more about Pfizer’s commitment to
innovate and tailor technology to meet the needs of patients within the
hemophilia community by visiting The app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and
through Google Play.
Also connect with others in the Hemophilia
community and stay up-to-date on hemophilia resources, support and news over on
Facebook at
iPhone is a
trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Health is a registered trademark and App Store is a
service mark of Apple Inc. Google Fit is a registered trademark, and Android
and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
The content of this post is provided
and sponsored by Pfizer.
Interesting Book I Just Read

The Stranger Beside Me [Kindle]
Ann Rule
The original story about serial killer Ted Bundy, who was executed in 1989 after killing many young women. Author Ann Rule just recently died, and when I read about her death, recalled I had read this book decades ago and wanted to revisit it. My writing has matured a bit because what I thought was an excellent book is actually pretty mediocre. Rule’s claim to fame is that she worked next to Bundy at a crisis hotline center, and became friends with him through the years. Oddly, as a crime writer, she was commissioned to do a book about the serial killings of the young men of Washington and Utah, never believing it was Bundy, even when all evidence seemed to point to him.  As a journalist, Rule is very dry and factual (this is no In Cold Blood), and yet, she interjects her own feelings about Bundy constantly, almost bizarrely. She was “frightened” when in prison he threatened to commit suicide. Rule writes much too much about Bundy’s love triangles, and not about the investigations. There’s a level of depth missing here; we never learn or approach why Bundy behaved as he did. We get a good chronology, but little insight. It’s a decent read: chilling, captivating, but at times too dry and lacking, with too much of the author’s feelings and personal life interjecting and interrupting. The update in the front is very choppy and detracts from the book—should have been placed in the back. You may note that the movie Silence of the Lambs’ antagonist used Bundy’s trick of luring women. Two/five stars.

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