Education Advantage

The Education Advantage!

Our community is fortunate to have many different scholarships. In fact, LA Kelley Communications had the first on-line listing of scholarships for the bleeding disorder community! That’s how much I believe in a higher education. Take advantage of what the community is offered! Learn about Education Advantage below! 
Education Advantage – Scholarships for our Community brought to you by Baxalta 

Since 2010, Education Advantage has awarded more than 200 scholarships to US students with bleeding disorders. 
The scholarship program has grown! New for 2016, those with von Willebrand disease are invited to apply! The program continues to be open to hemophilia A, hemophilia B, and inhibitor patients. Education Advantage is open to US students, regardless of which brand of treatment used. 
Education Advantage offers three different scholarships to eligible applicants: 
• University Scholarship:  
       Up to $7,000 for students working toward their bachelor’s degree 
       Renewable for up to 3 additional years 
• Community College and Technical Scholarship:  
       $1,000 for students seeking an associate’s degree or a technical vocational certificate 
       Renewable for up to 1 additional year 
• GED Assistance:  
       One-time $150 reimbursement if you pass the GED test 
Get started on your application today at 
The application period for 2016 is open now until April 30. You can find more details about the scholarships, meet the previous year’s winners, and find out how quick and easy it is to apply at

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Baxter Sponsors 2015 Education Advantage Scholarships

So good health is probably the best thing in the world; when you are overall healthy, even having hemophilia, you can handle life so much better. 
The second best thing? An education! Below is an announcement about a way to help you get your education, from Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
For the sixth consecutive year, Baxter Healthcare
Corporation is sponsoring the Education
scholarship program to help eligible members of the hemophilia
community offset the costs of higher education, advance their careers, and
pursue their dreams.
The scholarship program is open to people with
hemophilia A or B (factor VIII or IX deficiency), including those with
inhibitors (factor VIII or IX deficiency), regardless of which brand of factor
treatment they use.
The program provides financial aid for a wide
variety of educational options, including four-year bachelor’s degrees,
associate’s degrees, technical/vocational certifications, as well as the GED
Test. Scholarships will be awarded up to:
·       College/University
– $7,000 renewable for up the three additional years
·       Community
College/Technical School: $1,000 – renewable up to one additional year
·       GED: $150
(one time only)

To date, 211 scholarships that include 113 renewals have been awarded, totaling
more than
$1.1 million. The Education Advantage
program is supported financially by Baxter and administered by Scholarship
America, the nation’s leading independent scholarship program
administrator.  Scholarship America
reviews all scholarship applications, determines eligibility, and selects the
scholarship recipients. Baxter has no input into the selection of recipients
scholarship program applications are available as at,
or by calling Scholarship America at 877-544-3018, or by emailing

Applicants can apply online, download the application and mail it in, or
request a paper application. 
Completed applications for scholarship renewals are due to Scholarship
America by February 15, 2015, while the deadline for new applications is April
15, 2015.

To get started now, or for more information on the Education Advantage scholarship program,
including eligibility requirements, visit,
call Scholarship America at
877-544-3018, or send an email to
to read about previous recipients of Education
scholarships and receive tips about preparing for college. also highlights other resources offered by Baxter to help
patients advance their lives, focusing on career development, health
management, and community involvement.

Baxter is a registered trademark of Baxter International Inc.  USBS/MG1/14-0980   January

This blog was sponsored by Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Excellent Book I Just Read

Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration [Kindle]
by David Roberts

Incredible true story of Australian Douglas Mawson, who led the Australian Antarctic Expedition from 1911-1913, during the so-called Heroic Age of Antarctic Expedition. Leading one group of three that set out to measure and scientifically observe new territory in the Antarctic, Mawson lost one comrade to a glacier; the other slowly and painfully died while he and Mawson tried to return to base camp. Left alone, with limited food and no dogs, in a land where the wind routinely blows at 65 mph, and the temperature is 40° below, Mawson, starving, somehow survives 31 days and single-handedly finds his way back to his waiting teammates. It is an amazing, incredible story of survival, full of suffering beyond measure, but I’d say one of the greatest story of survival in the history of exploration. Roberts takes unneccesary swipes at Lennard Bickel’s excellent book, Mawson’s Will, which helped the world outside of Australia first get to know this remarkable man and his unforgettable story. Four/five stars.

Get the Education Advantage

Did you know that LA Kelley Communications had the very first on-line listing of national scholarships? We started this many years ago, and now update it yearly. Go to our scholarship page to learn more. But this week I want to highlight one right here.

For the fourth consecutive year, Baxter Healthcare Corporation is sponsoring the Education Advantage scholarship program for hemophilia A patients. Baxter has increased its funding of this program year after year.

date, 104 scholarships have been awarded, totaling $565,000. Students working
toward a bachelor’s degree are eligible for up to $15,000 per year. Students
seeking an associate’s degree or pursuing a technical/vocational certificate
program are eligible for up to $2,500 per year. Scholarships are renewable for
up to three years or until the student finishes school.

The program is administered by
Scholarship America, the nation’s leading
non-profit scholarship administrator. Scholarship America is solely responsible for
reviewing all scholarship applications, determining financial need and
eligibility, and selecting scholarship recipients.

The Education
Advantage program will start
accepting new scholarship applications on February 1, 2013.  Completed applications are due
to Scholarship America and postmarked by April 1, 2013.
The program goes beyond financial aid with resources
to help people with hemophilia A get more out of life,
including education
planning, career development, health management and community
For more information on the program, visit or call Scholarship
America at 877-544-3018.  
Interesting Book I Just Read
Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkum (Kindle)
Scott Berkun may be a professional public speaker, but
speaking and writing are two different media. This book is a mixed bag. He
shares his own career as a public speaker, trying to be part comic and part
storyteller, but neither really works at first. The opening chapters are awkward
and clumsy, with repeated references to aliens and spaceships for some reason. Lots
of the information he shares is info you can get from much better written
books. But midway through the book it does get more interesting. It becomes
less about his direct experiences (which are kind of lame) and more about the
psychology of presenting, listening and delivering. I found the chapter on TV
and other media interesting (perhaps because I don’t do a whole lot of that and
wanted to know more).
Know that at least one-third of the book is appendices.
These contain good condensed information. I didn’t like his use of profanity,
and wondered what kind of a speaker teaches about what to beware of when he himself swears! Unless you know your audience intimately, unless you are on the level of a
Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, or unless you are a comedian, never use profanity for
risk of alienating your audience. Two and a half out of five stars.

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