Little Princes

An Opportunity to “B” Educated!

Education is important to me. I’ve always encouraged people with hemophilia to not let hemophilia stop them from getting the best education they can get.

The B More ScholarshipTM helps deliver a brighter future to people with hemophilia B by assisting with the cost of
post high school education. And that goes beyond college—B More Scholarships cover undergraduate, graduate,
and doctoral programs, trade schools, and certificate programs in the United States. Student can be enrolled full
time or part time. There is no age limit, and scholarships are awarded on a number of criteria.

The application period for the 2015-2016 school year is open NOW. If you have hemophilia B and will be pursuing a
higher degree this fall, apply now at The deadline for your completed application is
September 30, 2015, so don’t put it off!

This announcement was sponsored by Emergent BioSolutions.

Great Book I am Reading

Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal [Kindle]
Conor Grennan

I’m in Nepal this week, and found the perfect book to read while here. This powerful memoir begins with a nice young man infected with wanderlust who decides to travel around the world for a year in 2004. He volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal for three months during this time, and humorously shares his first exposure to Asia, and apparently to children! What starts off as light and whimsical writing gets serious, as Conor becomes attached to the children, becomes their advocate and then learns, with the ongoing Maoist rebellions flare ups, that these children had parents—they were trafficked. Sold. He begins a quest to find the parents. He faces bankruptcy and sacrificing his personal life at a time when his peers are partying and enjoying careers, to help these children. He forms a nonprofit, Next Generation Nepal, and dedicates his life to helping these victims of civil war in Nepal. To date he has helped 400 children become reunited with their families. Not only is this a fascinating story of how one young man discovers his purpose in life, it’s a very well written book! (And I can be critical of that) Read this and get inspired. Four/five stars.

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