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New Factor VIII Product

It’s not too often that a new factor VIII product comes along. I don’t pitch products, but I do announce new products and developments to keep our readers educated and up to date. So you should know there is a new factor VIII product called “Xyntha.” It’s pronounced “ZIN tha” and it’s manufactured by Wyeth.

Why another recombinant factor VIII? This one will replace ReFacto, Wyeth’s only recombinant FVIII product. ReFacto is first-generation recombinant FVIII; Xyntha is third generation, and will be competing with Advate, the first third-generation FVIII product.

So in a nutshell, hemophilia A factor VIII concentrate users have:

Alphanate (Grifols)
Monoclate-P (CSL Behring)
Koate DVI (Talecris)

First generation
Recombinate (Baxter)

Second generation
Kogenate FS (Bayer)
Helixate FS (CSL Behring)

Third generation

Which is best? How do you choose? Questions about Xyntha? That you need to discuss with your doctor! Please remember to go see your HTC at least once a year for clinic, more if you are under age 18 or have any complications of hemophilia bleeds.

Book I Just Read: Untamed Seas by Deborah Scaling Kiley

I went sailing this weekend, and most of the trip was haunted by a foreboding thunderstorm that seemed to chase the chartered ship. As thunder cracked right over our heads and lightening split the sky, I thought about this book I had just read. Untamed Seas tells the amazing story of five people who tried to sail the Trashman, a yacht owned by a wealthy businessman, to Florida in the fall of 1982. They never got passed the northern east coast. Caught in a gale, the ship sank and there the remarkable story of survival begins. Who lives and who dies? This is a study in discipline, leadership, teamwork and crisis over a span of only 5 days. Hard to put down, you might finish this in one night yet the story will never leave you. And us? We made it back fine, back to Gloucester harbor, where the true story (As told in the excellent 2000 movie “The Perfect Storm,” starring George Clooney) of the sinking of the Andrea Gail begins and was filmed. Three out of four stars.

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