Pfizer Wyeth merger

The World’s Biggest Drug Company Just Got Bigger

Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world and has a history of buying other pharmaceutical companies to add to its showcase of drugs. Over the last 10 years, Pfizer has acquired Warner Lambert, Pharmacia and other specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It’s at it again, with the announcement that it has bought Wyeth for $68 billion. Among the many top drugs Wyeth produces are two recombinant factor products: BeneFIX and Xyntha.

According to January 23, 2009, “Like many of its competitors, Pfizer believes that biotechnology is the ‘next big thing’ and its executives have publicly disclosed their intentions to get into ‘protein-based therapeutics.'” And Wyeth has the biotech products that apparently Pfizer wants.

What does this mean for hemophilia patients? Nothing right now. Wyeth wants to assure all customers and patients that it will continue to supply its products as usual. Anyone with questions about supply can contact their local HTC; your hematologist can get in touch with the local Wyeth rep. Or let me know and I can get through to Wyeth for you.

This new was a bit of a surprise to most of the community, but change is something that should not surprise you anymore in hemophilia. With the wave of insurance changes that have been happening for the past four years, change seems inevitable, and will continue. Stay tuned!

Book I Just Read
Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations by Josh Bartok
Well, I didn’t just read it; I read one page each day last year. One page a day, to learn some insightful bit of Buddhist wisdom to think on. Culled from many different sources, this book offers some very interesting comments about 50% of the time. I admit there were things I didn’t quite get, but then, I am not a Buddhist. I did find plenty to enjoy and ponder, and thought this might make a nice gift to someone. Two stars out of four.

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