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Pfizer’s New Video Series Can Help You Have More Constructive Conversations

Dawm Rotellini of the NHF introduces Constructive
Conversations Video

Have you ever had a difficult discussion about your or your
loved one’s hemophilia? Have you gotten into a heated dialogue about
restrictions? Do you wish you had some strategies to have more productive
interactions with your physician or hemophilia treatment

Effective communication can play a large role in
successfully managing hemophilia, navigating difficult discussions during times
of transition and building strong relationships between patients, caregivers
and healthcare teams. 
A new educational video series from Pfizer Hemophilia
called Constructive
aims to provide the community with tools and resources to
encourage more caring, constructive, and effective conversations among those
impacted by hemophilia.
Originally introduced by Pfizer at the NHF annual meeting,
the Constructive Conversations video series allows you to review tips on
communicating more effectively in the comfort of your home. The videos portray
real-life scenarios that you may face, and show you how to construct a
conversation differently to help achieve a better outcome. Each video uses two
different approaches: one conversation using a more commanding style also known
as a “directive” approach and the other conversation using a more caring,
enquiring style also known as a “constructive” approach.
Visit www.HemophiliaVillage.com today to watch the videos
and sharpen your communication skills! 
And check out Our Hemophilia
on Facebook to learn about Pfizer offerings.
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Good Book I Just Read

The New Single
Tamsen Fadal 

My teammate Zoraida bought this for me as a present. An easy read, snappy and filled with good advice, Emmy award-winning TV

producer  Fadal assesses her life pre-and post-divorce and what she has learned. While mostly geared, I think, for someone new to self-assessment, probably for the 20-30 year old crowd (sad to think they would be divorced then!) as some concepts are really obvious (eat well, get enough sleep) it’s still a great reminder on how to be yourself, care for yoruself, develop yourself and not lose your self in a relationship. Women try way too hard to please, sacrifice a lot in the name of relationship, and maybe that needs to change? Two/five stars.

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