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Hemophilia and Astrology

What does hemophilia have to do with the stars… as in astrology? Are people with hemophilia born under the Virgo sign more organized and liable to use the sterile technique? Are Aries more apt to be our advocates? Are Leos the performers and speakers at our conventions? Are those apt to be more scientifically-oriented born under Scorpio?

Our contributing writer Richard Atwood found a reference to hemophilia and astrology. A medical dictionary for astrology, to be precise.  He writes, “According to the author, this medical astrology dictionary is “geared to the layperson who has limited knowledge of medicine.”  The dictionary uses “the most commonly agreed-upon medical astrology definitions.” The author also acknowledges that there is a lack of agreement among astrologers “as to what rules what in the body.” 

Hemophilia is defined as “malefics in second-eighth axis, Mars Saturn stress aspect, Jupiter afflictions, afflictions to Sun, Moon or Ascendant.” 

Definitions are also provided for possibly related terms, such as bleeding, blood, blood clots, blood disease, inherited blood disease, blood loss, blood plasma, blood serum, blood transfusion, arterial blood, venous blood, cerebral hemorrhage, coagulate, fibrin, hemorrhaging, hereditary disease, joint inflammation, limping, nose bleeds, plasma, plasma balance, red blood cells, white blood cells, styptic, and wounds.

In the section on Uranian Astrology, the definition for blood disorders is “Neptune = Sun/Hades; Sun + Hades – Mars = Neptune.”  A bit hard core for my tastes!

Richard notes that the dictionary has 89 pages for the medical astrology definitions, plus 5 pages for Uranian Astrology definitions. The book includes a 3-page bibliography.  The only bleeding disorder to be listed is hemophilia; all other bleeding disorders are omitted. As for the planets, Mars rules blood ailments, Jupiter rules arterial blood circulation, Saturn rules chronic disease, andVenus rules venous circulation. The author, who has the highest certification of the National Council of Geocosmic Research with a CA NCGR Level IV, specializes in medical astrology and nutrition in New York City.

Well, I am a true-blue Scorpio, and Mars rules my sign, so that works for me. How do your zodiac sign characteristics fit your bleeding disorder? 


Diane L. Cramer, 2003, Dictionary of Medical Astrology: A Compilation of Astrological Terms (Physical, Emotional and Mental) and Disease Significators Used in Traditional Astrology. Tempe, AZ: American Federation of Astrologers. 98 pages.



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