February 26, 2007

Our Own Academy Awards

The Academy Awards was Hollywood’s big event last night but this coming weekend is one of our own big events in hemophilia: the annual Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) meeting, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We won’t have Versace gowns and bling, but we certainly have an all star cast and some great shows. It’s casual but energetic, electric with advocacy issues, medical news and networking. It’s smaller than NHF meetings, which creates a more intimate atmosphere; it’s less like a red carpet event and more like a family reunion.

The HFA does important work in advocacy, particularly around the issues of product and provider choice. Check out their website at www.hemophiliafed.org. Sign up for their newsletter; check out their programs. I met with a pharmaceutical representative recently who is new to our community; this will be his first hemophilia event. I told him he was in for a treat. I myself will not be attending this year. If you do not attend either, at least tune in to read about the event on the HFA website or in their magazine, and see who is best director, best program, best advocate!

PS. “The Departed” was most certainly best movie of the year… and it’s set in Boston! You have to love those accents.

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