A Promising Future with Hemophilia B

I’ve always been an admirer of John
Taylor, and I’ve known him since both our boys with hemophilia were born in the
1980s. His story is so inspiring! I am pleased to share some of his trials and
triumphs, as well as his outlook on hemophilia B and the factor IX product he
is helping to bring to market. 
John Taylor Sr.

by John Taylor Sr.

Nearly 25 years ago when our son, John Taylor Jr., was
born, my wife Joyce and I were informed that he had hemophilia B. This
diagnosis changed our lives. When your child has hemophilia, it’s all encompassing.
As a family, you struggle through it every day. But what started as an unknown,
daunting journey has developed into an expedition of hope.

In 1990, we were told
that there were few treatment options for John. Determined to find the right
treatment and support for ourselves and other families coping with hemophilia
B, we reached out to the scientific community. This quest led me to incredible passages in life—founding the
Coalition for Hemophilia B in 1990, becoming an activist for FDA approval of additional
factor treatments, and starting a company dedicated to advancing access to
hemophilia B treatment.
That company was called Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals, which our family co-founded with Scott
Martin, another father of a son with hemophilia. Our mission was to bring product choice and access to the hemophilia B
community. Because we understood the impact of this condition on our own families—as well as many other
families we met also coping with hemophilia—we were determined to start a
company that would address the concerns we were all living with. Thanks in part to our work, a lot has changed for families living
with hemophilia B.
When Emergent BioSolutions, a
company whose goal is to improve the lives of people with rare conditions, acquired
the recombinant Factor IX we were developing, families
felt empowered knowing that there was now a company that was working directly
for us. 
One demand that is finally being addressed by
pharmaceutical companies is treatment choice. Soon, people with hemophilia B
will have even more product choices for bleed control and prevention than ever
One product I am particularly excited about is IB1001,
from Emergent BioSolutions. IB1001 is a recombinant factor IX product that began
development at Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals.

I am so proud to see Emergent continue the work we began at Inspiration, and to
know that they are seeking to gain approval for IB1001. Emergent’s focus on
developing treatments for rare conditions and blood disorders and their experience
in addressing the needs of small patient populations makes them a welcomed
addition to the companies serving the hemophilia B community.

Emergent’s mission is simple—to protect and enhance
life.  Although they are new to the
hemophilia community, their commitment to IB1001 and to improving the lives of
patients with hemophilia B makes me eager to see them bring to market a product
I believe in so strongly.
When I reflect on this journey, I can honestly say that every stop along
the way—and every person I’ve met from our community—have added incredible
value to my life. My son and this amazing community have given me the drive and
determination to keep going. When a company like Emergent comes along and
commits to understanding and responding to the needs of the hemophilia B
community, I can confidently say that my journey has been worthwhile. With dedication and the commitment that come
from having lived with the condition, and a thorough knowledge of our
community, we are proud to have been part of the development of a new
recombinant factor IX product. Standing with you, from a family like yours.
This is a journey we are taking with all of you.
 John’s work
on behalf of the hemophilia B community continues to make a positive impact. If
you’d like to learn more about IB1001, the product he helped develop, and
Emergent BioSolutions’ efforts to finish the work John began, please visit
www.ebsi.com/hemophiliab. To learn more about the Coalition for Hemophilia B, visit http://coalitionforhemophiliab.org

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