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To continue with our updates of programs and services from Pharma, here’s a new and exciting one!

Jeffrey Leiken Master Trainer at Evolution Mentoring

Remember when you were evolving from a teenager to a young adult – trying to assert your independence, work through all the social politics of high school, and figure out the direction of your life? Then consider the challenges of living with hemophilia on top of that – it can add a whole other layer of complexity. That’s why Novo Nordisk is offering HeroPath™ to help youths between ages 15 and 20 better navigate this transitional life stage.

HeroPath will be led by Jeffrey Leiken, Master Trainer at Evolution Mentoring and creator of HeroPath – you may remember his passionate speech about life transitions and personal growth at National Hemophilia Foundation’s 2013 Annual Meeting. HeroPath  will focus on helping participants grow their skills for success in areas including relationships, education, and careers.

Here’s the exciting part: Up to 25 selected US participants with hemophilia A or B* between ages 15-20 will have the opportunity to work directly with Leiken, his team of expert coaches, and their peers at a kickoff weekend in Chicago from August 22-24, as well as continue to receive personalized monthly coaching for the following year.

Visit http://www.changingpossibilities-us.com/HeroPath to complete your official HeroPath™ application, including several multiple-choice questions and an up to 150-word explanation of why you are a great fit for the program. Prefer not to write? Provide a 60-second video explanation instead – just upload your video to YouTube™ and paste the URL into the application form!

All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 17, 2014. Leiken will select up to 25 participants based on responses to the multiple-choice questions and the level of creativity and original thought conveyed through the essay or video entry.

What parents need to know: HeroPath™ isn’t just a weekend retreat – it’s a yearlong program designed to help offer teens or young adults the tools to identify:
·        What direction to move in professionally based on interests, strengths, talents, and natural proclivities
·        What kind of people to associate with personally and professionally (Leiken and his team will help participants give voice to their own values)
·        What kind of person they want to be

HeroPath™ is also structured to help develop their ability to manage their state, stay focused, and perform under pressure to help make better decisions.

Questions? See Complete Official Rules at www.changingpossibilities-us.com/HeroPath for details.

*Participants cannot be on a federal health care program.

This sevice announcement was sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

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