A Behemoth is Born

CVS bought Caremark Rx. Read this carefully: Caremark has been sold. More predictions come true, and the rapid acquisitions of specialty pharmacies continue at a dazzling level.

Caremark Rx, Inc., located in Nashville, Tennesee, is the nation’s second-largest PBM. Caremark Rx has recently approved a $27 billion takeover by CVS. The acquisition has created a behemoth with the power to define, redefine, and direct the nation’s pharmacy distribution system. CVS/Caremark will have combined sales of more than $80 billion and rank among the top 20 Fortune 500 companies. Express Scripts, the number three PBM in the country, attempted a hostile takeover of Caremark in 2006. What will Express Scripts do next? Who might they purchase instead?

It can’t be stressed more strongly: Hemophilia patients must follow the rapidly changing acquisitions to know where their health benefits and service will originate, how this will affect their treatment and care, and where their health dollars will be going. For now, it looks like a lot of healthcare dollars will go to Wall Street.

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