Cartoon on Hemophilia

Why has no one thought of this before? A great educational and public relations cartoon from the Hemophilia Federation (India), with whom we do a lot of humanitarian work. Check it out on YouTube:

I loved this and find it very effective, interesting and evocative. What do you think?

You can also see other short pieces on hemophilia on YouTube, most not that good. Not surprisingly, the best ones seem to be from India. Congratulations HFI on your outstanding PR work!

Great Book I Read: Second Acts by Stephen M. Pollan with Mark Levine.
This is primarily a book for people who have already been through one career, and/or are in mid-life, but I also found it useful for anyone thinking about any career. It’s an easy read, with lots of examples, including the author’s (Stephen Pollan) own compelling story of why he changed careers so suddenly mid-life, and inspires you to have the courage to follow your dreams. And he helps you uncover what those dreams might be. Three out of four stars.

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