This Cats with Hemophilia Needs a Home

I have helped in the adoption of two boys with hemophilia, one from Bulgaria and one from Vietnam, but never thought I’d help in a cat adoption. I was surprised to read that a stray, domestic short hair cat in Connecticut has hemophilia A–factor VIII deficiency. His name is Spinelli, a male, age 2, and he is available for adoption.

Yes, pets can suffer from hemophilia, just like humans. It’s manifested much like in humans, with prolonged bleeding, bruising and limping. Spinelli spends his day at the Winchester Veterinary Group, where he is up for adoption. The staff noticed he would occasionally become lame and show visible bumps. They ran tests, suspecting a blood disorder. Now, in order to be adopted, Spinelli had to be neutered. This, I am sure, brings back memories for many parents of when they learned their child had hemophilia–from circumcision. Luckily, everyone knew about Spinelli, and he received cryoprecipitate and had his operation. He is now ready for adoption.

I called the practice and am waiting to hear back from them on Spinelli’s status. Could he use human factor VIII concentrate? Who will adopt a cat with this disorder?

If you are interested in adopting Spinelli, please contact the Winchester Veterinary Group at 781-721-0707, in Connecticut. I know we have a lot of animal lovers out there!

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