Getting Shirty With Me

Aaron Craig with his latest creation

So if you received and read your issue of PEN by now, you’ll note that we have a great feature article on apps that help you track your bleeds and sometimes even track your factor usage. Important given what’s coming don in the insurance field these days.

But that’s not the point of this blog. The author is a brilliant and creative young man with hemophilia named Aaron Craig, a hemophilia wunderkind, who makes movies (really), develops apps and roams the earth looking for things to invent.

When I noticed a few people wearing these shirts at hemophilia events, I wasn’t too surprised to note that his company, MicroHealth, had created them to raise awareness of hemophilia and the need to take your factor.  The shirts  say “keep calm and factor up” on them. Aaron writes, “The community has loved them. So what we did was we put them up for sale online and 100% of the profits go towards a chapter of the purchaser’s choosing. Each chapter has or non-profit has their own promo code to enter during checkout.” Nice!

Aaron even created a code for our own Project SHARE, our factor donation program. It’s simply “share”. The link to purchase the shirts is: http://microhealthnyc.myshopify.com/products/keep-calm-and-factor-up-t-shirt

The profits per each shirt sold with a code comes to about $10 per shirt. When the promotional is done on August 1st, Aaron will tally up how many shirts were sold with the SHARE code and will send a check for the amount of profits accumulated.

This is so important. Last year we shipped about $6 million worth of factor. Our shipping costs to developing countries is well over $20,000. We never expect the recipients to have to pay shipping. So Aaron’s idea is timely and helpful. Go ahead, buy one and get shirty with me!

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