Go On–Ask Me a Question!

Bayer unveiled a new website last month, called www.LivingWithHemophilia.com, and Susan Zappa, RN and I are featured as their first “Ask the Experts.” I am focusing on insurance, but was asked just about everything else, too! From FXIII deficiency transmission, to the use of ice, to what to do with unused supplies, it’s been an interesting first month.

Check out the site. It is bright, colorful, interactive, easy to navigate and very user-friendly for hemophilia families. And ask me a question quick, before I’m replaced by the next expert! In our community, there are a lot of experts–return each month to see who they are.

There are also a lot of new products and services for families in the offing by many companies, and I hope to continue to showcase some of them here.

Quite a few of you responded to my note about Tommy and his earache, and subsequent ER headache– please feel free to post your comments, too, so everyone can read them. To those who asked–he’s doing fine. One reason he panicked so much is that he plans to have a career as a sound/recording engineer, and he thought he was seeing his career go down the eustachian tubes. But he’s fine, back home for the weekend, and giving me the extreme pleasure of doing his laundry. Thanks to everyone who asked about his health!

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