Here’s to Living! with Hemophilia


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Here’s to Living! with Hemophilia

As part of Bayer’s commitment to the hemophilia community, we’re working together with patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and advocates to make a positive difference.  We’ve developed resources, programs, and opportunities to help every family put the “living” in living with hemophilia. Our aim is simple — educate you about hemophilia A so you can make more informed decisions about living  with hemophilia on your own terms, at every stage of life.

  • Living With Hemophilia
    • Customized presentation series designed to help educate and enlighten those living with hemophilia
  • Smart Games
    • An interactive way for young children to take steps toward understanding hemophilia
  • Transition Ignition
    • Helps teens establish a comfort level with hemophilia and practice treatment management skills
  • Game On
    • Empowers young adults with hemophilia to be accountable for their treatment and make healthy choices
  • And Now… Back To You
    • Designed to help adults with hemophilia rediscover goals related to career, education or passions
  • Parents Empowering Parents
    • Peer-to-peer program for parents of children with hemophilia
  • M-Powered
    • For hemophilia moms to gain practical tools for success while building connections for a lifetime
  • Bayer Leadership U
    • A summer internship for college students whose lives are touched by hemophilia
  • Step Up Reach Out
    • An international youth program that connects future leaders in the community
    • An international fellowship program for men with hemophilia, designed to develop and expand leadership and advocacy skills

For more information about our programs and resources, please visit the newly updated  www.LivingWithHemophilia.com

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