History in the Making!

Just two more weeks!
On Monday, August 6, 46-year-old Barry Haarde will be the first person living with HIV and hemophilia to have ridden across the United States by bicycle!
He’ll dip his bicycle wheel into the Atlantic Ocean in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after 50 days and 3,667 miles.
I rode 12 miles on Saturday. I cannot even imagine. Barry is the hemophilia community’s new national hero!
Barry’s “Wheels for the World” ride is about more than setting a record: he is riding to help raise money for Save One Life, the nonprofit I founded in 2001. Many of you are aware that this program provides personal sponsorships of individual children with hemophilia who live in poverty in developing countries. We’re hoping to raise $50,000!
Barry is on Day 35 today, in Fond du Lac to Manitowoc, Wisconsin; 57 miles in one day, elevation gain: 1,350 feet. The Wisconsin hemophilia group took Barry out to dinner to welcome him! Nice going, Wisconsin!
Barry has heart, physique and courage. Each day he dedicates his ride to someone with hemophilia who lost their life to AIDS. For example, today, day 35 of the ride, Barry devotes today to Brandon Hendrickson. I know Brandon’s mom, Angie. How wonderful that someone still remembers Brandon, and urges us all to remember him and the hundreds, thousands more who died!
But let’s not forget those still living, who suffer with no treatment and extreme poverty. Barry is also riding for them.
So to honor Barry’s most certain achievement, I am doing something I’ve never done before. I’m hosting a party for the hemophilia community locally! On August 6, Save One Life will celebrate Barry’s ride. It’s at my house… so contact me if you want to come! laurie@kelleycom.com (An attendance of 75-100 guests is expected. Tickets to the celebration are $25 per guest; $50 per family.)
And please, readers, can you also help? Make a donation today in any amount to our Wheels for the World fundraiser. Go to http://www.saveonelife.net and click on Wheels for the World. You’ll go directly to a page where you can use PayPal or other means. And if you do, I will double your donation by matching it! Please help today and show Barry you are cheering for him!
See Barry’s Interview with the KDLT Evening News, a South Dakota news agency!

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