Innovative Resources for the Hemophilia Community

At LA Kelley Communications, we are devoted to providing helpful tools and resources to families with hemophilia. We have highlighted below two exciting Pfizer Hemophilia resources for you or your loved ones. The first is an innovative video game that gives children the opportunity to learn about their hemophilia by participating in a stimulating gaming experience. The second is the first wearable made for patients with hemophilia that offers an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool to track activity. The wearable integrates with Pfizer’s existing HemMobile® app, allowing users to log bleeds and infusions, monitor their factor supply, and set appointment reminders. Please read below to see if these exciting resources are right for you or your family members.



This is a paid public announcement for Pfizer and does not constitute an endorsement of products or services. When you click on the links in this blog entry, you will be directed to the Pfizer website. LA Kelley Communications always advises you to be a savvy consumer when contacting any company; do not reveal identifying information against your will.


HEMOCRAFT™, a virtual world designed for the hemophilia community 

HEMOCRAFT is a video game developed to educate and inform younger patients with hemophilia about the importance of staying prepared and sticking to their treatment plan. 

  • HEMOCRAFT modifies the popular Minecraft™ game to send players on adventures in a world where they have hemophilia
  • In the game, players interact with a treatment team to learn about the importance of staying prepared for activities
  • As part of their quest, players must find components to create infusion kits that help their factor levels stay elevated throughout their adventures
  • HEMOCRAFT was developed through a partnership between Pfizer Hemophilia, Drexel University, the National Hemophilia Foundation, and members of the hemophilia community 

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HEMOCRAFT is a trademark of Pfizer Inc. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. 

HEMOCRAFT is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a health care provider, nor is it intended for curing, treating, seeking treatment for, managing, or diagnosing a specific disease, disorder, or any specific health condition.

Intended for US audiences only.

The HemMobile® Striiv® Wearable—the little app that could, with a wearable that can do even MORE 

The custom Striiv® Wearable, when paired with HemMobile, offers activity tracking features to help patients with their hemophilia. 

  • Wearable device monitors patient’s daily activity, heart rate, and number of steps to track intensity of activity
  • Allows patient and treatment team to have better discussions about intense activities, staying prepared, and managing hemophilia 

HemMobile is not intended for curing, treating, seeking treatment for, managing, or diagnosing a specific disease, disorder, or any specific health condition. Pfizer will not have access to any personal information you enter into HemMobile. 

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