Introducing Emergent BioSolutions

A few weeks ago, I shared my admiration for my colleague John Taylor, co-founder
of the Coalition for Hemophilia B, with information about his role in
developing treatment options for people with hemophilia and how that work is
continuing with Emergent BioSolutions. I had the chance to meet the Emergent
team at the World Federation of Hemophilia Congress in Melbourne this month and
see for myself their passion for this community. I wanted to share with you how
Emergent BioSolutions plans to provide a different kind of patient experience,
so I asked them to share their story with us. 
At Emergent BioSolutions, we know that
living with hemophilia B is an ever-changing experience. It has been a goal of
ours to bring a different kind of experience to hemophilia B patients and
families, and we are excited to introduce ourselves to you face to face and
learn your personal stories. 
BioSolutions’ history has been one of innovation and growth, while staying true
to our mission—to protect and enhance life.  As a global specialty
pharmaceutical company, Emergent offers specialized products to healthcare
providers and governments to address medical needs and emerging health threats.
From our beginnings as a private company with a single location in
Lansing, Michigan, Emergent has grown into a thriving public company, with
sites around the world and several products contained in the US Strategic National
Stockpile. Knowing that the government relies on us for these essential
products, we take the responsibility seriously and are proud to participate in
helping protect this great country.
Our role as a major
supplier to the US government has enabled our expansion into other therapeutic
areas. In 2014 we acquired Cangene Corporation, bringing to Emergent over 45
years of experience in providing specialized therapies for the treatment of
rare diseases and blood disorders.
Emergent BioSolutions is
a different type of company, and we are determined to make a difference for
people with hemophilia B and those who care for them. Our long-standing history
of providing treatments for people with rare conditions is matched by our focus
on improving the lives of these small patient populations. Our continued
efforts in these areas have led us to develop the kind of experience necessary
to make a positive impact on the hemophilia B community.

the course of the last year, Emergent has been passionate about meeting the
hemophilia B community and learning all of the incredible stories that families
have kindly shared with us. At the National Hemophilia Foundation Annual
Meeting in Anaheim, our booth featured a “Make Your Mark” experience, which
allowed patients to create a personal hemophilia thumbprint that told their
unique story.  
recently, Emergent traveled to Australia to participate in the WFH World
Congress—the largest international meeting for the global bleeding disorders
community. There, we learned more about the needs of patients and their families to help us make a difference in the lives of those in the hemophilia B community.
have been so touched and impressed by all of the personal stories that patients
and their families shared with us this year. We are excited to carry on the
important work started by John Taylor, and we are proud to continue bringing
his vision to life.
You can learn more about Emergent BioSolutions and register for updates at www.ebsi.com/hemophiliab.

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