Lights, Camera…

It’s our 30th anniversary! And since I am stuck at home like 90% of America, I’ve had few distractions and plenty of time to review tons of media from the past 30 years. My book “Raising a Child with Hemophilia” was published in 1990, when I was 33 years old. Armour Pharmaceutical Company wished to promote the book, and I found myself suddenly on TV and doing radio interviews, sometimes scheduled at midnight. The company hired a PR firm to work with me. We traveled to Cleveland, Dallas and Philly to make videos and promote the book. And some hemophilia nonprofits also included me in their promotional videos about hemophilia. It was a whirlwind time! I had two small children at the time, more books to create in the pipeline and a newsletter to produce, all done from home.

Guess what I found? Copies of the interviews and tapes. If you’d like to see them, go to our home page, click on “See” which will take you to our gallery, and click on “Videos.” You’ll see videos from the 1990s!

I did learn a few things: I never really liked giving interviews. Maybe it was just that I was always distracted with raising children and work (now I don’t mind at all). And when the PR firm thought it was a good idea to plug the product my son was using, I ended the corporate-sponsored interviews. It was interesting, to say the least! But I never went back on my personal policy of never personally endorsing a product. Enjoy the shows!

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