No Wonder There’s No Money for Factor

Just some food for thought, while we all contemplate our diminishing choices over healthcare. I read this in the latest Time magazine:

$100 billion: Amount that the new budget proposed by President Bush would save over five years by trimming Medicaid and Medicare costs…

$100 billion: Additional funding Bush is seeking for Iraq and Afghanistan for fiscal 2008, on top of $70 billion already requested this year.

Very slick of Time magazine: juxtaposing the two figures makes you naturally ask, why is Medicaid being targeted for cost cuts and limited choice? To fund this war? The answers are never so clear cut. This is sensationlism journalism, of course.

And yet I can think of 12 families with hemophilia off the top of my head who are suffering due to increasingly limited healthcare coverage in their states. We have elections coming up in November 2008; candidates are already announcing their entry into the race. It will be great to get a dialogue going now on how our federal and state budgets are being used, and use our right and power to vote, to protect our healthcare dollars. Be ready for 2008, and read up on the candidates now. Will their decisions about how to end his war in turn impact health care budgets?

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