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I received a welcome message from People Magazine this weekend– my letter to the editor will be published in the April 23rd edition. In it, I suggest that People magazine covered only the tip of the iceberg in its article about Texas forcing 9-year-old schoolgirls to be inoculated against the sexually-transmitted human papilloma virus… or face expulsion from public school. Ridiculous? It’s happening. Read more about this outrageous law and why I was so frustrated with People and so outraged against Texas governor Rick Perry… and the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug.

This Friday I head out for a 10 day trip to Pakistan. I am visiting to see how our factor donations are being used (we donated 1.6 million units last year, our largest single donation!) and also to enroll more children in Save One Life, our nonprofit child sponsorship program (www.saveonelife.net). Would you like to follow along with me on my trip? I am going to do my “level best” as they say in Pakistan, to post blog entries and photos. Please check in and see my visit to this ancient land, and currently a political hotbed of activity. Should be exciting and rewarding. This is my fourth visit and I can’t wait to see the many hemophilia patients I know, and their superb physicians and compassionate hemophilia society. Stay tuned!

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  1. You go Laurie! Speak up for those whose voices aren’t being heard.

    Blogs and photos from Pakistan will be very interesting. Looking forward to seeing them.

    Love the outreach programs!

    Tom Albright


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