Novo Nordisk Summit Meeting a Success!

I attended a great event over the weekend–the Novo Nordisk Inhibitor Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. About 45 families with inhibitors attended this private event to network with each other and to learn more about inhibitors. This is the fourth one I have attended since they were inaugurated last November, and I think they are one of the greatest things happening in our community right now.

Guest speakers included Val Bias (patient advocate) of San Francisco, Dr. Guy Young of California, Dr. Barbara Konkle and Regina Butler, RN, of Pennsylvania, Ed Kuebler, LMSW, Dr. Ed Heller, Angela Forsyth, PT and Dr. Prasad Mathew of New Mexico. Great speakers and experts. Topics included: an inhibitor overview, treatment options, surgery, and exercise and sports.

A wonderful dinner was held the at world-class Aquarium where families were happy to chat with each other all night, grazing on great seafood and gazing at a huge submarine parked right next to the outdoor pavilion where we dined! I was lucky to sit and swap stories with some friends from Massachusetts.

Unusual for our community, the event is not a venue to market products or services. You see no promotion of NovoSeven. Novo Nordisk sales staff are not allowed to attend. The event is managed by a third party, Cadent Medical. Another Summit is being held in Chicago on October 28, and if you have an inhibitor and have not been able to attend so far, you are most welcome! Some travel grants will be available to eligible individuals. Please call (888) 706-6867 for more information or check out www.inhibitorsummits.com. Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “Novo Nordisk Summit Meeting a Success!”

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Lin and I will be heading to our first summit at the end of the month in Chicago. Cadent was most helpful in helping us obtain accessible transportation. Can you believe we are going by train? We can’t wait for the trip and for what we hope to learn.

  2. I also attended the seminar in Baltimore and found it a valuable experience in terms of the networking opportunities. This is a great avenue for people currently livimg with inhibitors, or anyone who has an inhibitor in the past, to share your experiences and knowledge with other members of the community.
    Thank you Novo Nordisk for this valuable opportunity!


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