Saturday Night Live!

Saturday night was a fun time: my husband Kevin’s annual corporate Christmas party at New England Biolabs in Ipswich, Massachusetts (incidentally, the hometown of the first person diagnosed with hemophilia in America, in the 1600s). I looked forward to going, not only to meet his colleagues, but to meet with a special one in particular: Karyn. Karyn is the woman behind the $9 million worth of factor we have shipped this year, and the $5 million we shipped last year, and all the millions of units of factor we’ve been shipping for the past 10 years through New England Biolabs. While Julia Long, our director, manages the inventory, boxes the factor, answers the incoming requests and follow through to ensure the factor has arrived to Mongolia, Iraq or Bolivia, it’s Karyn who actually physically prepares the shipment. So this was a fantastic night to meet up with Karyn and thank her in person. She loves volunteering for Project SHARE and appreciates the stories we send about the patients we assist. She’s a mother of three and has a big heart for suffering children. So our thanks to Karyn! And thanks to NEB for showing us that corporate America can have a great heart, great compassion and give back to those in need. Thanks to NEB for helping those who suffer with hemophilia in global locations where no factor, and little hope, exists. It’s the best Christmas present we can ever give.

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