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Introducing Pfizer Hemophilia Patient Affairs Liaisons

I always like to highlight new tools and resources for our community. Sometimes it seems overwhelming when you consider all the programs available! In this week’s blog I share a way to take better advantage of resources, available from one group. Please read about the new Patient Affairs Liaison from Pfizer! 

Pfizer understands that living with hemophilia is a unique journey and a growing process. That’s why Pfizer has established a group dedicated to providing meaningful support to local community groups, patients, and caregivers. The Patient Affairs Liaison role was created to help connect you with helpful Pfizer tools and resources. 

What can a Patient Affairs Liaison do for you? 

  • Provide helpful information about Pfizer Hemophilia programs and services 
  • Serve as a resource to hemophilia treatment centers to help patients
    obtain access to Pfizer medicines 
  • Serve as a Pfizer hemophilia primary point-of-contact for local advocacy groups 
  • Participate in local and national events and programs 
  • Meet with you to answer questions related to Pfizer Hemophilia resources 

Contact your Patient Affairs Liaison today! A Pfizer Hemophilia Connect representative will be able to put you in touch with your local PAL. Call Pfizer Hemophilia Connect at 1.844.989.HEMO (4366) Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET.

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Pfizer Hemophilia Connect: New Resources, Better Accessibility

Part of my work providing educational resources for the last 25 years to the bleeding disorder community is to remind families from time to time of the many great offerings that help us cope with a chronic disorder. I encourage you to read the below to learn more about what Pfizer has to offer the hemophilia community.

New Resources – For over 19 years, Pfizer has been a part of the hemophilia community. Pfizer understands the challenges that come with living with a bleeding disorder, and we are committed to helping improve patient lives and the lives of their caregivers. Now, a group of Pfizer Hemophilia employees is dedicated solely to providing support to the community: the Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison. Your Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison is available to help patients and caregivers access the support and information they need from Pfizer. 
Better Accessibility – Pfizer Hemophilia Connect, a one-stop destination designed to provide easy access to all of Pfizer’s hemophilia tools and programs. The Pfizer Hemophilia Connect support team is dedicated to working with patients, their caregivers, and healthcare providers or pharmacies to connect them to helpful Pfizer tools and programs based on their individual needs. 

Pfizer Hemophilia Connect can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET.
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New for 2016: Pfizer’s Factor Savings Card Program Increases to $12,000

Good news if you struggle with copays and coinsurance!
In 2016, Pfizer made enhancements to the Hemophilia Factor Savings
Card Program to better align with the needs of their hemophilia patients. This
program has increased the maximum benefit for copay and coinsurance assistance
up to $12,000 for eligible patients on Pfizer Factor products.*
Requirements Include:

No financial eligibility requirements
·       Available
to privately insured patients or uninsure
       But please see website for full terms and conditions.
· (resources
and support)
*Terms and conditions apply. This card will
be accepted only at participating pharmacies. This card is not health
insurance. No membership fees.
You will receive a total benefit of $12,000
per calendar year, or the amount of your co-pay over one year less a patient financial
responsibility of $10 per month, whichever is less.
If you have any questions about the use of this
Pfizer Factor Savings Card, please call 1-888-240-9040 or send questions to:
Pfizer Factor Savings Program, 6501 Weston Parkway, Suite 370, Cary, NC 27513.
For more information, please visit
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Pfizer Releases Exciting New Features for HemMobile App

I always say that with a background in statistics and economics, I love collecting data. I have a spread sheet of all my workouts going back years, tracking how many miles run, weights lifted and more. I keep a spreadsheet of all the books I’ve read for the past 10 years! And I don’t even need to do this stuff. 
One thing you should do if you have hemophilia is track your bleeds. Check out Pfizer’s app for tracking all things hemophilia.—Laurie
Hemophilia can be difficult, but
tracking it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to the Pfizer Hemophilia Team, HemMobile
now provides activity tracking and is integrated with the new HealthTM
app for iOS 8 and Google Fit™ for AndroidTM. This will allow you to seamlessly
transfer data from wearable devices and other fitness apps right into
HemMobile. With the ability to track activity along with your infusions, you
can have access to important information you need to have more informed
discussions with your physician. This is particularly important for the
hemophilia community, because maintaining an active lifestyle can help to
strengthen joints and protect against bleeds.
The updates to the app are a result of
partnering closely with not only expert developers and physicians, but also
members of the community who use the HemMobile app every day.
With the latest version of HemMobile you can:
Log activities, infusions
and bleeds
Share single consolidated
reports with your treatment team
Set reminders for resupply,
appointments and much more
Find nearby hemophilia
treatment centers and National Hemophilia Foundation chapters
Personalize your profile
Learn more about Pfizer’s commitment to
innovate and tailor technology to meet the needs of patients within the
hemophilia community by visiting The app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and
through Google Play.
Also connect with others in the Hemophilia
community and stay up-to-date on hemophilia resources, support and news over on
Facebook at
iPhone is a
trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Health is a registered trademark and App Store is a
service mark of Apple Inc. Google Fit is a registered trademark, and Android
and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
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Interesting Book I Just Read

The Stranger Beside Me [Kindle]
Ann Rule
The original story about serial killer Ted Bundy, who was executed in 1989 after killing many young women. Author Ann Rule just recently died, and when I read about her death, recalled I had read this book decades ago and wanted to revisit it. My writing has matured a bit because what I thought was an excellent book is actually pretty mediocre. Rule’s claim to fame is that she worked next to Bundy at a crisis hotline center, and became friends with him through the years. Oddly, as a crime writer, she was commissioned to do a book about the serial killings of the young men of Washington and Utah, never believing it was Bundy, even when all evidence seemed to point to him.  As a journalist, Rule is very dry and factual (this is no In Cold Blood), and yet, she interjects her own feelings about Bundy constantly, almost bizarrely. She was “frightened” when in prison he threatened to commit suicide. Rule writes much too much about Bundy’s love triangles, and not about the investigations. There’s a level of depth missing here; we never learn or approach why Bundy behaved as he did. We get a good chronology, but little insight. It’s a decent read: chilling, captivating, but at times too dry and lacking, with too much of the author’s feelings and personal life interjecting and interrupting. The update in the front is very choppy and detracts from the book—should have been placed in the back. You may note that the movie Silence of the Lambs’ antagonist used Bundy’s trick of luring women. Two/five stars.

News from Pharma

So much has been happening in the hemophilia community lately, I decided to post some news releases about new products and new services from three different pharma manufacturers. Last week we shared the news about Biogen Idec’s Eolctate approval; below are more interesting items, straight from the horses’ mouths.

From CSL Behring
New–CSL Behring’s world-class biotechnology manufacturing facility in Broadmeadows, Australia. The facility is for late-stage production of hemophilia therapies and is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind in the world. Leading-edge science is at the core of the $250 million expansion, which is expected to drive long-term growth in CSL Behring’s promising bleeding disorders portfolio.
In particular, the facility will produce novel recombinant therapies on a large scale for international clinical trials. Our recombinant technology uses a unique recombinant-albumin-fusion platform, which we believe could offer distinct clinical advantages and improve patient experiences.  Suffice it say, CSL Behring’s steadily-rising research and development spending has played a key role in developing these and other new technologies. For example, in 2011/2012 we spent $368 million on R&D (about 8% of total sales). And over the last 5 to 10 years, we have advanced an enviable pipeline with exciting product candidates that may offer enormous treatment benefits. 

From Baxter Healthcare

Mobile video gamers looking for the next app for their smartphone or tablet now have an option developed specifically for the hemophilia community. Baxter Healthcare Corporation has created a free multi-game app, called Eco-Trek, primarily for people between the ages of 15 and 32. Yet based on the reactions of pre-release product testers, Baxter expects that Eco-Trek will appeal to people of all ages, from adolescents waiting to be seen at hemophilia treatment centers, to older adults that enjoy competing in video games. Eco-Trek, which is available to everyone regardless of their treatment, is the first socially connected video game designed for the hemophilia community. With hemophilia-specific content and Facebook score-sharing built into the game, Eco-Trek is a first-of-its-kind mobile app. A national leaderboard will create competition among players in Eco-Trek’s three online adventures, each of which have 10 levels:
·     Bushwhacked! – Find your way through a forest maze without losing supplies from your backpack
·     Alpine Summit – Compete in an uphill race against the clock, dodging obstacles along the trail
·     Roughin’ It – Set up camp and complete specific tasks while pesky critters try to get in your way

“We are really excited about Eco-Trek because it’s simple, interactive, and offers important educational information about hemophilia A and ADVATE [Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)], while you’re competing in fun activities,” said Jeff Schaffnit, senior director of US Hemophilia Marketing. “For teens and young adults with hemophilia, this type of format can make it a lot more fun to gain knowledge on hemophilia.”

Eco-Trek is a free app available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information, contact your Baxter representative.

From Pfizer

Pfizer understands that health care costs can be a challenge for those with hemophilia and their families, and strives to provide access and patient-centered support. Therapy is just one part of the equation, which is why we offer financial support for eligible patients as well as educational programs for patients with hemophilia who infuse with Pfizer Hemophilia Recombinant Factor products.

We’re pleased to share with you three program updates and hope that you will help us share this news with the hemophilia community. As of April 1:

•    Pfizer increased the maximum cap on its Pfizer Factor Savings Card
Program. Eligible patients can now save up to $5,000 annually on copay, deductible and coinsurance costs. Terms and conditions apply. Visit to learn more and fill out a brief registration form. If you have any questions about the use of this Pfizer Factor Savings Card, please call 1-888-240-9040 or send questions to: Pfizer Factor Savings Program, 6501 Weston Parkway, Suite 370, Cary, NC 27513.

•    To continue to meet the changing needs of today’s patients, Pfizer is consolidating its various prescription assistance programs, formerly known as Pfizer Helpful Answers, into a new comprehensive program called Pfizer RxPathways. Pfizer RxPathways is a family of prescription assistance programs that provides eligible patients with financial support and reimbursement support services. Access the program today by visiting

•    The Soozie Courter Hemophilia Scholarship Program, a tuition assistance program
for students with either hemophilia A or hemophilia B, is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year. To apply, please visit 

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