Introducing Pfizer Hemophilia Patient Affairs Liaisons

I always like to highlight new tools and resources for our community. Sometimes it seems overwhelming when you consider all the programs available! In this week’s blog I share a way to take better advantage of resources, available from one group. Please read about the new Patient Affairs Liaison from Pfizer! 

Pfizer understands that living with hemophilia is a unique journey and a growing process. That’s why Pfizer has established a group dedicated to providing meaningful support to local community groups, patients, and caregivers. The Patient Affairs Liaison role was created to help connect you with helpful Pfizer tools and resources. 

What can a Patient Affairs Liaison do for you? 

  • Provide helpful information about Pfizer Hemophilia programs and services 
  • Serve as a resource to hemophilia treatment centers to help patients
    obtain access to Pfizer medicines 
  • Serve as a Pfizer hemophilia primary point-of-contact for local advocacy groups 
  • Participate in local and national events and programs 
  • Meet with you to answer questions related to Pfizer Hemophilia resources 

Contact your Patient Affairs Liaison today! A Pfizer Hemophilia Connect representative will be able to put you in touch with your local PAL. Call Pfizer Hemophilia Connect at 1.844.989.HEMO (4366) Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET.

The content of this post is provided and sponsored by Pfizer.                                                                                           PP-HEM-USA-0633-01

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