The Beats Go On

In person meetings are hard to find in hemophilia these days! But not in Nashville. Last weekend was the “Beats” program, hosted by the Coalition for Hemophilia B, which invited so many talented community members to perform. Checking them out on Facebook, looks like everyone had a fabulous time. All American Idols!

Wayne Cook with Kendall Fitzpatrick, RN, at “Beats”

Funny timing, as I was set to attend my first concert in two years at the Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire: Little River Band. But a persistent and particularly painful back spasm meant Doug got to go with friends… not me.

While these two events were happening, our blog contributor Richard Atwood of North Carolina submitted a book review about the healing power of music! Called Scales to Scalpels: Doctors Who Practice the Healing Arts of Music and Medicine, by Lisa Wong with Robert Viagas, it tells the story of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO).

The LSO is composed of over 100 health professionals, all over-achievers and all volunteers, who expect no fiscal reward. Their reward as healers is to have a healing experience by playing their musical instruments. Yet they perform classical music concerts with the skill of professionals. Every concert is a benefit. Founded in 1984, the LSO is based in Boston. The LSO has a budget of $300,000 and the organization has raised over $1 million for the medically underserved.

And… the New England Hemophilia Association is one of the local nonprofit organizations that benefitted from an LSO concert ! That concert audience is described as “bouncy hemophiliac boys.” [They must have been playing the 1812 Overture!]

Richard writes, “This voluntary ensemble is composed of health care professionals who are skilled musicians— healers who use music to heal. Much of the medical research on the health benefits of music is anecdotal and not very robust, but there is enough of the research to become a believer in music as a healing art.” 

As for Beats? Kendall Fitzpatrick, RN, also a healer, writes, “The Beats program in Nashville proved to be packed full to the rim of activity, friends, laughs, rhythm, food, fun, and making beautiful music with beautiful people! I’m so grateful to The Coalition for Hemophilia B and the staff and sponsors that made this possible!! You inspired me to feel the beats in my life!”

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