Arizona Highways

I’m on vacation this week in Arizona, till Saturday, when I will give a presentation to the Hemophilia Association, Inc. (Arizona) in Phoenix. Until then, we are enjoying the beautiful, breath-taking sights of Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I’m here with my 15-year-old daughter Mary and her best friend, Josh, who is like my second son. We’ve done a lot in two days: jeep ride through the back country of Sedona; hot air balloon ride at 5 am this morning over Sedona, hiking through Oak Creek Canyon, visiting the Sinagua Indian ruins called “Montezuma’s Castle.” This is one of my top three favorite states; the history of the earth is permanently etched in the buttes and mesas. Sedona is known for its electromagnetic activity and has attracted all sorts of psychics and vortex seekers, spiritual advisors and healers. Fascinating! Tomorrow we have a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon. Till next Sunday!

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