Bloody Good Gift

I got a big laugh out of an email from friend, colleague and fellow-writer Richard Atwood, former president of the Hemophilia Foundation of North Carolina. He has a helpful suggestion for holiday gifts.

“If you are still searching for the right holiday gift, then let me suggest a jigsaw puzzle of either an MRI, x-ray, or artwork in full color of an osteoarthritic knee or knee joint replacement. There are 19 puzzles of knees, each with 300 pieces available for just under 18 British pounds, as listed in the United Kingdom site of amazon.uk in the toy department (though the puzzles are not listed on the American site of amazon.com – just search using ‘jigsaw osteoarthritic knee’).

“While you may consider these jigsaw puzzles to be a bit pricey, compare them to the actual cost of a real MRI to enjoy the savings. So when the outside temperature falls and your joints stiffen up, then just settle down in a warm room to put together a picture of your pain, piece by piece.”

So I went to amazon.com.uk and he was right! And, they make superb gifts, according to Amazon. Yes, nothing says “Merry Christmas!” quite like a jigsaw puzzle of the knee joint.

I got curious and poked around, and guess what? They actually have jigsaw puzzles of blood clots! I am not making this up. Only $28. And… you guess it. They also make superb gifts!

Not only that but you can even get a jigsaw of blood samples, for that true lab enthusiast. The possibilities for biological recreational activities seem endless. The British really know how to have a good time.

Happy shopping!

Good Book I Just Read

The Personal Touch by Terrie Williams

Terrie Williams is a woman of color, as she pluckily reminds us many times, and former social worker, who started her own public relation firm with almost nothing to go on but her sharp instincts, a few lucky breaks, and a winning personality and steel-strong ethical code. She is president now of one of America’s most successful public relations firms. Her words of wisdom on how to succeed in business may not seem like anything new or original, but she is a gifted writer, great storyteller, and she reminds us of the basics, which I am sad to say so many are losing: treat everyone the same, respectfully; remember to write thank you notes (a dying art!); smile (people will perceive you as more intelligent); remember people’s names; listen, listen, listen; go for the gold! Published in 1994, the material might seem a bit dated, but the essence of it is timeless. I read this book every few years and get reminded of how to be a better person, which will immediately make me a better businesswoman. Terrie, great job with this! Four stars.

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