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I received this exciting announcement from colleague and friend Justin Levesque of Maine–a chance for any artist in our community to present their work at the biggest national hemophilia event in September! Now, many of you may not know but I have an artistic side to me, too. I used to knock off some pretty sophisticated da Vincis. And I know for a fact we have some amazingly talented people in the bleeding disorders community. So let’s see what you’ve got!FOLX is excited to officially announce the opportunity to exhibit your creativity during the National Hemophilia Foundation’s 66th Annual Meeting! Blood Work, the first gallery exhibition to celebrate creative individuals from the bleeding disorders community, will present original works of art and music across several mediums/genres of expression. We invite anyone with ties to the bleeding disorder community to participate in the exhibition using the online form at the website below to submit their work.http://folxfolx.org/bloodwork/

Please take a few moments to carefully read the Terms of Entry. Also, learn more about FOLX’s mission, the jurying process and all submission requirements. If there are any questions about FOLX / Blood Work  or if you’re experiencing any technical issues using this website to submit, please contact Justin Levesque (j@folxfolx.org).

VISUAL ART: Collage, Photography, Woodworking, Performance, Painting, Fashion, DIY house projects… The possibilities are endless! We’re encouraging folks to think outside the box. Submit your creativity in any form! (Due to the nature of the exhibition space, we unfortunately cannot accept 3D works including sculpture, ceramics or installations. However, photographic representation documenting these works is perfectly fine!)

MUSIC: FOLX has joined forces with bleeder music aficionados Blood Vibrations to bring their recent compilations of music from the community to the exhibition. We couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity. FOLX will construct an interactive exhibition experience that viewers can browse through, listen to full-length music tracks and learn more about both the musicians and Blood Vibrations. In their honor and out of respect for the great work they’ve already accomplished in music, FOLX is calling this experience the Blood Vibrations Listening Center. Please note: Musical submissions do not need to have previously participated in a Blood Vibrations project and should submit their entry using the form at the website. But we highly encourage you consider including your work in a future Blood Vibrations compilation.


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  1. When I attended the NHF annual meeting in Rochester, NY in 1984, they displayed the results of their annual poster contest artwork. So, this folx is not the first. Also in Rochester, there was a great dads only session. So the more recent dads only session was not the first as was claimed then. The NHF organiztional memory leaves much to be desired.


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